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Digital Presence

Website Design

We built websites from scratch for clients from a variety of industries with different needs.

Who you are and why


Create your brand identity. Stationary, logo and graphic design to product photography.

Talk to your audience

Social Media

Communicate to your audience through graphics. Establish your brand, tone and voice.

Show your audience

Video Editing

Show your audience. We edit political and business ads, promotions, and short film.

Full stack digital marketing

Digital Business Services

We first discover what your objectives are and how the website can drive those objectives. We decide what kind of website is best suited for your business, from brochure static websites to full e-commerce websites.

At this phase, we discover the architecture of the site, where we want our users to go on the site and what we want them to do. We create brand colors and highlight the vision of the project.

When we are happy with the design, we start tweaking functionality, optimization, speed testing, and making the site completely accessible for people with disabilities.

When your website is completely built and tested we launch it. We build fast, accessible, responsive websites. The end result is a user-focused, high-engagement site that reflects your brand.


Outstanding craft

Work with Bluestack Design to make your website stand out.

Graphic Design

Slick Design

Everything from wedding invitations, save the dates, and posters.

Social Media

High performance

Hashtag research, media graphics, strategy, audience analysis, and psychographics.

Video Editing

Show your product

Video editing for your wedding, film, political ad or social media project.

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